Since March 2020, amid the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic, exhibitions at art museums in Japan and overseas were canceled one after another. Activities of culture, such as an art exhibition, are realized thanks to the network of artists, as well as creators in various fields, and their devout and mutual support. Museums have been a place that encouraged such activities. As the system became dysfunctional, artists and creators began to lose the place for creating and presenting their works.

Concerned with the situation, we, the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, decided to propose a means for them to produce and exhibit works that is possible in spite of, or rather, because of the current circumstance where the movement and contact among people are limited. Our solution was, as banal as it may appear, an online project. The contents, however, would be based on the coronavirus pandemic, which, one day, would become an event of the past. When the time comes, we would like those contents to be experienced and perceived as a physical place or object, not on the internet. Under these conditions, artists and creators started nine projects.

Activities of culture do not stop at any circumstances, including the coronavirus pandemic. Through the project, we hope to convey our belief and hope in culture.

February, 2021
Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art