DirectorNobuhiro Yamashita

Short Film: Ramblers 2
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Cast: Hiroshi Yamamoto, Keishi Nagatsuka, Takeshi Yamamoto
Script: Kosuke Mukai

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  • Ramblers 2 making-of video (The coast)

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About the project

Ramblers 2, a short film depicting the protagonists 17 years after Nobuhiro Yamashita’s earlier masterpiece Realism no Yado (Ramblers) (2003), will be released. The new work was filmed mainly at JR Taketoyo Station, as well as at the Handa, Chita, and Taketoyo areas. During the exhibition, there will also be screenings at movie theater or cultural facility in Aichi Prefecture.


After Kaji, a mutual friend and actor, passed away, the director Kinoshita (Hiroshi Yamamoto), the scriptwriter Tsuboi (Keishi Nagatsuka), and the actor Funaki (Takeshi Yamamoto) leave Tokyo to visit Kaji’s hometown. After attending the wake, the three go bar-hopping at an izakaya (tavern) and hostess bar in a town they’ve never been to, but they cannot find a way to cope with Kaji’s death. The next day, they go to Kaji’s parents’ house and receive, from his younger sister, Junko, a fan letter addressed to him. The letter is from a young Korean girl, and apparently, Kaji read it many times over before he passed away. The news of the death of Kaji, who was not a famous actor even in Japan, had no way of reaching a fan in Korea. The three are left at a loss as to how to tell her the news.

Project credits


Kinoshita: Hiroshi Yamamoto

Tsuboi: Keishi Nagatsuka

Funaki: Takeshi Yamamoto

Junko: Akiko Ishibashi

Mori: Koen Kondo

Yuki: Yuko Kageyama

Mana: Yuki Katayama

Soyeon: Kilala Inori

Soyeon’s father: Sujin Kim

Kaji: Kaoru Iida


Director: Nobuhiro Yamashita

Cinematographer: Kimiyasu Kai

Production designer: Norifumi Ataka

Gaffer: Makoto Tsuha

Set decorator: Naoki Yamamoto

Recording engineer: Hiroyuki Saijo

Sound mixer: Hisashi Iwamaru

Stylist: Kyoko Baba

Hair and makeup: Shihomi Mochizuki

Film editor: Takashi Sato

Assistant director: Yusuke Kubota

Casting director: Kimiaki Tasaka

Assistant production designer: Seina Suzuki

Assistant cinematographer: Yoshihiro Okayama

Driver: Toshiyuki Yamanaka

Coordinator: Marina Yamaguchi (SAAC)

Producer: Koji Harada

With the cooperation of
Cinema Sound Works, L'espace Vision, Chita-Hanto Film Festival

Filmed with the cooperation of
Heian Kaikan Handa Hanazono Umesada Hall, Handa Real Estate, Cafe Saloon, Chita Chubu Regional Office Union Handa Funeral Hall

Production companies
L’ESPACE FILM, Match Point

Director’s profile

Nobuhiro Yamashita

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1976. His major works include Linda Linda Linda (2005), Kueki Ressha [The Drudgery Train] (2012), and Moratorium Tamako [Tamako in Moratorium] (2013). His recent work is a TV drama series, Kotaki Kyodai To Shikuhakku [Kotaki Brothers and Great Troubles] (2020). He continues to create ambitious new works on various subjects, while successfully maintaining his originality as a creator.

Casts’ profiles

Hiroshi Yamamoto

Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1974. Yamamoto debuted as an actor in the film Donten Seikatsu [Hazy Life] (directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita), in which he played the leading role. Since then, he has played unique roles in numerous Japanese movies and TV dramas, including works by the director Yamashita. He recently appeared in films such as Dare to Stop Us (directed by Kazuya Shiraishi, 2018), The First Supper (directed by Shiro Tokiwa, 2019), and True Mothers (directed by Naomi Kawase, 2020), and in TV drama series such as AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo, Season 19 (created by TV Asahi, 2020) and Yell (created by NHK, 2020).

Keishi Nagatsuka

Born in Tokyo in 1975. Playwright, director, and actor. Nagatsuka formed Asagaya Spiders (the group became a theater company in 2017). He received The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists in 2004 and the Yomiuri Theater Award Outstanding Director Award in 2006. He recently directed Death of a Salesman (Kanagawa Arts Theatre, 2018/2021), wrote, directed, and appeared in Hounding Hounds (New National Theatre, Tokyo, 2019), and appeared in Shin Ultraman (scheduled to be released in 2021, directed by Shinji Higuchi), Labyrinth of Cinema (directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, 2020), and so on.

Takeshi Yamamoto

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1976. Yamamoto has been friends with Nobuhiro Yamashita since junior high school. He has appeared in many of the films Yamashita directed such as No One’s Ark (2002), Realism no Yado (Ramblers) (2003), Linda Linda Linda (2005), My Back Page (2011), Chonoryoku Kenkyubu No Sannin [The Three Members of the Supernatural Power Research Club] (2014), and Hard-Core (2018). He recently appeared in films such as Blank (directed by Shota Sometani, 2017), Demolition Girl (directed by Genta Matsugami, 2018), Dynamite Graffiti (directed by Masanori Tominaga, 2018), and Kamata Prelude (the second segment “Nomigawa Rhapsody”) (directed by Mayu Akiyama, 2020), and in TV drama series such as Kamen Dosokai [Masked Reunion] (created by Tokai Television Broadcasting, 2019) and Samu No Koto [About Sam] (created by dTV, 2020).


Kosuke Mukai

Born in Tokushima Prefecture in 1977. His major works include Linda Linda Linda (2005), Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow (2016), and Gukoroku – Traces of Sin (2017). His recent work is My Name Is Yours (2020). He has published books such as Neko Wa Waratte Kurenai [The Cat does not Laugh] (Poplar Publishing, 2018) and Osaka University of Arts: Destroyers Come from the West (Tokyo Shoseki, 2019).

Associated facilities/

Handa/Chita/Taketoyo area

An area on Chita Peninsula in the southwest part of Aichi Prefecture. The short film Ramblers 2 was filmed mainly in this area.