CuratorTakatoshi Takebe/LIVERARY

Live & Archive Project:

Performers: Ogawa & Tokoro, Campanella, Shota Terai from Gofish, SOSOS CLUB (Gonzo Murakami+Sotaro Fujiwara), Sunbemo, THE ACT WE ACT, ALKDO, YNG JOE$ with abentis, NEI, C.O.S.A., STUTS
Video direction: Noriko Oishi

Photo:Yuki Shibata (LIVERARY)

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About the project

On December 26, at the end of 2020, the year when the world was filled with fears over the spread of the novel coronavirus. The video project archives from multiple viewpoints the live music performances held at four venues in Nagoya — a record shop, alternative space, live music club, and night club — one after another on the day. Musicians from different generations and genres, who live in or are from Aichi Prefecture, gathered and performed, while each venue taking strict measures to prevent the infection. The filming crew, including the videographer Noriko Oishi, and the audience acted as cameramen to capture the scenes from various angles. The video also contains interviews with the musicians, audience, and venue staff who participated on the day, as well as the scenes of the city around the venues, making it a multi-layered record created by the “music,” the “city,” and the “people.”

Project credits

Curator/producer/designer: Takatoshi Takebe/LIVERARY

Performers: Ogawa & Tokoro, Campanella, Shota Terai from Gofish, SOSOS CLUB (Gonzo Murakami+Sotaro Fujiwara), THE ACT WE ACT, ALKDO, Sunbemo, YNG JOE$ with abentis, NEI, C.O.S.A., STUTS

Venues: Banana Record Osu, Chojamachi Cotton Building (LIVERARY), DIAMOND HALL, club JB’S

Video direction: Noriko Oishi

Filming: Noriko Oishi, Kento Sasaki, audience

Streaming: Daisuke Yamashiro, Ryosuke Sato, Kentaro Harada, Yoshiki Iwanami

Sound engineering: Akinobu Adachi

Design of project’s streaming site: Yoshihiro Ishigaki (LIVERARY)

Illustration: Masanao Hirayama, Hiroyuki Ohashi

Production assistance: Chise Utahara, Yuki Shibata, Satoshi Inamoto, and others, LIVERARY staff

Curator’s comment

Until now, “experiencing music live” has repeatedly occurred in our life as something we took for granted. In the project, we aimed to film and archive, as a video work captured throughout the day, this moment in the coronavirus pandemic when “experiencing music live” has become more of an “Extra” time. “Experiencing music live” requires performers, venue, and audience. We wanted to focus on each of the three aspects once again to capture the city with its atmosphere. We invited artists who are from or living in Aichi Prefecture, regardless of their genre, whom we selected based on the fact that “we want to see and film their live performances now.” The selected venues were a record shop, live music club, night club, and alternative space in the prefecture, each of which has supported, and will continue to support, the city’s music culture. In addition, the audience participated not just as an audience, but as a videographer/archiver in the project, playing an important role in the production of the movie. Are people there because there is music, or is music there because there are people? Really? (with irony and hope for an uncertain future).


Ogawa & Tokoro

A home-recording unit by two university students in Nagoya. In August 2020, their EP Shinmaiko was released from KAKUBARHYTHM — a label that has many popular artists such as cero and YOUR SONG IS GOOD — and became viral. They also operate a cassette label, Oriental Tapes, which releases their own works, as well as works of foreign artists.


Born (1987) and lives in Aichi Prefecture. A rapper with masterful control of music and words. He has been active since around 2011 and has participated as a guest performer in albums, collaborations, and songs by many artists. He performs over 100 live sessions a year all over Japan. In December 2020, his long-awaited (the first in four years) 3rd album AMULUE, featuring MOCKY, Yoshie Nakano (EGO-WRAPPIN’), and others, was released.

Shota Terai from Gofish

Born in Gifu Prefecture, lives in Aichi Prefecture. He performs as a singer and guitarist under the name Gofish. He has released five albums so far and has performed with various musicians including Lang Lee and Satoko Shibata. In 2020, he formed a new band SIBAFÜ. He participated in Imaike HUCKFINN Kyusai [Relief] compilation album repartures. A new Gofish album is scheduled to be released from SweetDreams in 2021.


Formed at the end of 2018 by a word that Ramza uttered unexpectedly. Nagoya-based, two-person unit by Gonzo Murakami and Sotaro Fujiwara whose ages are 24 years apart. Their music is scheduled to be released from AUN Mute in 2021.


A band project with Ogawa and Tokoro of the Ogawa & Tokoro, the home recording unit by two university students in Nagoya, as the core members. A five-person group with the addition of the bass, drum, and percussion players. It was formed in October 2020. The group plays spatial and funky music.


A Nagoya-based hard-core punk band formed in 2003 in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, with mostly classmates from school. With their quintessential words and outstanding play, they continue to be regarded as an enfant terrible in Nagoya’s, and Japan’s, hardcore music scene. After several member changes, they currently perform as a four-people group.


The smallest unit from a large-scale band TURTLE ISLAND, based in Toyota in the Mikawa region, Aichi Prefecture, featuring the lead vocalist of the band, Yoshiki Nagayama a.k.a KIM AESU (vocal, guitar), and Takemai (vocal, drums). Through the songs and spirit with Asian sounds and beat, they express a simple yet unique world of music and songs. Primal music of contemporary Asia.

YNG JOE$ (YNG JOE$ with abentis)

Born in 1995, lives in Tokai, Aichi Prefecture. He weaves together the past and the future that he experiences in everyday life and conveys the present as if bombing on the wall. In 2020, In 2020, he participated in the compilation album Sooner or Later by RC SLUM/SLUM RC×CLUTCH TIMES and appeared in METHOD MOTEL. He performs live around the country and is currently working on a new album.

abentis (YNG JOE$ with abentis)

Born in 1991, lives in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Beatmaker/DJ. As a hip-hop beatmaker/composer, he produced artists such as YNG JOE$ and nazca. He also performs as a solo live set and DJ. At Yakuzen bar in Sakae, Nagoya, he hosts “hybrid bass freq” on Wednesdays to expand and promote the scene with the latest bass music.


Born (1998) and lives in Minami-ku, Nagoya. He started his music career when he met a beatmaker from his hometown, Ryo Kobayakawa (D.R.C.). His straightforward lyrics full of personality, and his voice and flow that create an unadorned view of the world, seize the hearts of many people beyond the genre of hip-hop. In 2020, he released his long-awaited first album.


Born (1987) and lives in Chiryu, Aichi Prefecture. Thanks to the influence of his sister, who is 6 years older than he is and used to ride a Cadillac lowrider, he became devoted to hip hop. After working as a beatmaker, he released his first rap album Chiryu-Yonkers in 2015 and Somewhere by C.O.S.A.×KID FRESINO from Summit in 2016. His new album is scheduled to be released in 2021.


Born in 1989, from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. As a track maker/MPC player, in addition to his own works, he produces many songs, collaborates with various artists such as Gen Hoshino, and composes music for TV commercials, while also doing live performances. In 2020, he released songs as a band set and held a live performance tour.

Curator’s profile

Takatoshi Takebe/LIVERARY

Freelance editor. Born in 1983. From Gifu Prefecture. Takebe has worked for various editorial production companies and publishing companies and acquired editing know-how. In parallel with his main job, he plans and publishes THISIS(NOT)MAGAZINE, a magazine that he independently produces from on-site research/interview to design. In 2013, he started a web magazine LIVERARY with his friends. The magazine offers and proposes cultural topics daily. In addition to editing and managing media, he is involved in planning and producing events, producing shops, graphic design and artwork of advertisements and merchandise, expanding his role as an editor.


Noriko Oishi

As a freelance videographer, Oishi has been involved in music programs such as SPACE SHOWER TV, VICE Japan, and MTV. She has produced live performance DVDs and music videos of many artists such as Shugo Tokumaru, DEERHOOF, DEATHRO, and Dohatsuten. She is known for her video works of live performances, especially live shooting with a single camera, captured from her own point of view, and has continuously been producing works related to music. In the field of film, she served as an assistant director in kocorono (2010, directed by Jun Kawaguchi). In August 2017, her first feature film MOTHER FUCKER was released. In October 2020, JUST ANOTHER, Oishi’s second film to be released in theaters and the first documentary film in the career of the GENBAKU ONANIES, was released. Also, she was in charge of filming and video direction at LIVERARY Extra — Michi Tono SoGood! (participating artists included Tamaki Roy, Utena Kobayashi, and foodman), planned and operated by LIVERARY in Sakae, Nagoya in 2018, making the current project their second collaboration.

Associated facilities/

Banana Record Osu

Banana Record Osu

A famous, used record shop with eight stores in Aichi and Gifu prefectures. The Osu store, which opened in 2003, is the group’s only two-story store.
Osu 3-22-32, Naka-ku, Nagoya

Chojamachi Cotton Building

Chojamachi Cotton Building

Opened in June 2020, the building aims to become a place for cultural communication and for various creators to gather. LIVERARY holds its office on the third floor.
Former Watakaku Building, Nishiki 2-11-24, Naka-ku, Nagoya



Opened in 1992. A large-scale live music club that can hold up to 1,000 people standing. It holds not only live music performances of various genres but also professional wrestling events.
Unryu FLEX Building West Wing 5F, Shinsakae 2-1-9, Naka-ku, Nagoya

club JB'S

club JB'S

Located on the first basement floor of the Marumikankou Building, which has many clubs and live music clubs, radiating an unusual atmosphere. The venue hosts mainly hip-hop events, but also events of various genres.
Marumikankou Building B1F, Sakae 4-3-15, Naka-ku, Nagoya