CuratorTheater Company Urinko/Urinko Theater

Video Project:
Baby Theater MARIMO

Performers: Midori Asahina+Minako Kawahara, Video direction: Shinpei Yamada, Costume: Kyoko Fujitani, Music: Kazuyuki Fukushima, Sound: Manako Nonoyama, Lighting: Takako Fukui

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About the project

Based in Nagoya, Theater Company Urinko/Urinko Theater is known for production and performance for children. In 2017, having the opportunity to create and perform Baby Mini Theater with Chang Eun Jun — a brain scientist, neuropsychologist, producer, and actor — Urinko’s members, Midori Asahina and Minako Kawahara, created MARIMO (written by Urinko Theater, directed by Chang Eun Jun, organized by Japan Union of Theatrical Companies for Children and Young People).
In order to bring online MARIMO, which creates with children a world of non-verbal expression, Shinpei Yamada, a visual creator for performing arts, exchanged ideas with Asahina, Kawahara, and other staff members and produced a work of video, which Yamada shot and edited of the performance presented in spaces including an exhibition room at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art.

Project credits

Curator: Theater Company Urinko/Urinko Theater

Performers: Midori Asahina+Minako Kawahara

Video direction: Shinpei Yamada

Costume: Kyoko Fujitani

Music: Kazuyuki Fukushima

Sound: Manako Nonoyama

Lighting: Takako Fukui

Video production assistance: Shiori Saito, Yuri Kato

Costume production: Keiko Nakamura

Props production: Kiyo Hamada

Lighting assistance: Toru Naruse (KBPI), Fuka Aoki

Production site assistance: Yumi Washimi

Hair and makeup: Rina Fukunaga

Coordination: Reiko Kondo (SAAC)

Cooperation: Rio Ito, Miroku Ito, Natsuki Takahashi, Yukito Takahashi, Harumi Takahashi, Keisuke Takahashi, Sayuri Hatano, Yua Hatano, Sakiko Yamazaki, Yugo Yamazaki

Curator’s profile

Theater Company Urinko/Urinko Theater

Since its establishment in 1973, the troupe has performed at school viewings and others and done activities such as producing plays, teaching creative expression to children, and providing childcare support. The company is well known to the children who grew up in Nagoya, where it is based. The name, “Urinko,” means “a wild boar piglet.”

Performers’ profiles

Midori Asahina

Asahina graduated from Aichi University of Education (Department of Fine Arts) and completed a course at the Department of Physical Education (dance) as an auditing student. While in school, she attended the dance university course at Kuni Institute of Creative Dance (former Japan Educational Dance Research Institute) to study dance aesthetics, the theory of creative dance, practical techniques, etc., and presented her own works. Following this, she joined Theater Company Urinko and has appeared in the performances. Currently, she is involved in projects for infants, a baby theater, and a project called “Comfort time for children and adults starting with picture books.” She is involved in stage production and activities related to creative expression that provide children with various experiences to awaken their senses.

Minako Kawahara

From Nishio, Aichi Prefecture. After joining Theater Company Urinko, Kawahara has been involved in planning and production at Urinko Theater while also serving as an actor. After giving birth to her child, she started a program for infants and has been producing her own work. In the field of education, she leverages theatrical skills to give lectures on acting coaching, as well as on how to improve the creative expression education and communication skills for teachers, pupils, and students. In cooperation with local childcare supporters, educators, organizations, and municipalities, she continues to explore an improved environment for children to grow.

Collaborators’ profiles

Video production: Shinpei Yamada

Visual creator for performing arts. Yamada specializes in the production of designing visual projections for various performing arts, such as theaters and contemporary dance performances. From filming to editing to on-stage projection, he designs and directs everything from selection and procurement of equipment to its setup and operation

Costume: Kyoko Fujitani

Costume designer. Member of FAIFAI. She not only designs costumes for stage productions of domestic and foreign artists, but also works with artists from various fields such as music and art. She conducts workshops for children and those open for public participation, where her works are produced from the perspective of costume.

Music: Kazuyuki Fukushima

Composer. His works include The Head of Mary (a commemorative performance of the New Association of Theater Company), Macbeth (Shakespeare Theater, directed by Norio Deguchi), and Ashita Tenki Ni Naare! [Tomorrow shall be sunny!] (written by Theater Company Urinko, directed by Hisao Takase, received Saida Takashi Drama Award).

Sound: Manako Nonoyama

Composer of stage music, sound designer. Nonoyama lives in Nagoya. She graduated from the Program of Japanese Style Painting, Faculty of art at Aichi University of the Arts. She has been awarded the 22nd Nagoya Art Creation Award and the 2019 Nagoya Art Encouragement Award.

Lighting: Takako Fukui

Stage lighting artist and designer. Fukui studied dance at the Kagoshima University and the Graduate School at the Aichi University of Education. Around the same time, she studied the history and aesthetics of dance and creative dance at Kuni Institute of Creative Dance. She mainly designs stage lighting for theater and dance performances.

Associated facilities/

Associated facilities/places

Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

The museum is located in the Aichi Arts Center, Sakae, Nagoya. It is a comprehensive museum with a collection spanning from outstanding domestic and foreign works of the 20 century, Kimura Teizo Collection — composed of Japanese early-modern and modern paintings, tea utensils, Buddhist art, calligraphy, and archaeological relics — and contemporary artworks.
Higashisakura 1-13-2, Higashi-ku, Nagoya

Urinko Theater

Urinko Theater

With the aim to expand the scale of the cultural promotion throughout the region, the theater was constructed in 1986 with donations, loans, and support from the public. It operates various projects for a wide range of age groups from infants to adults.
Hachimae 1-112, Meito-ku, Nagoya



A group of buildings, commonly known as an “on-water building,” that are located in the center of Toyohashi and were built on an irrigation ditch built in the 1960s. In 2020, a studio and residence for Shinpei Yamada, a visual projection artist for performing arts, was opened in the building. The venue holds events related to art and culture.
Taiho Building A-2, Ekimae Odori 3-118 saki, Toyohashi