ArtistsKaori Nishio/Miyuki Kawamura

Video Project:
Going to meet up with the paintings living in my neighborhood

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About the project

A project, consisting of interviews and videos, is by Kaori Nishio, a playwright and the founder of theater company Bird Park, and Miyuki Kawamura, a contemporary artist.
Nishio, who thought that “art must seem foreign to people except those who are involved,” asked questions to women who were born in the same year as Nishio, 1985, and currently live in Aichi Prefecture, while looking at the collection catalog of the Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History.

“Which painting feels close to the current ‘you’?”
“What about a year ago? What were you doing back then?”
“How about ten years ago?”

After researching how the works discussed in the interviews came to be part of the collection, they visited the Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History with the interviewees. Looking at the works, many of which were created before we were born and came to the city at some point or the other, they contemplate what art means to people.

Project credits

Curator/producer: Kaori Nishio, Miyuki Kawamura

Interviewees: Mikan-san, Ringo-san, Kotori-san, Daizu-san, Ikkun-san

Assistant cameramen: Yuya Koyama, Wataru Koyama

Project’s website programmer: Satoshi Yamamoto

Coordination: Marina Yamaguchi (SAAC)

Cooperation: Nobuyo Okada (Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History), Kanako Maruchi (Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History), Masayoshi Yahagi (Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT), Koji Iida (Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT), Naoko Shiomi (Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT), Yuichiro Kurono (Architecture Kurono), Tomo Katayose


Kaori Nishio

Playwright, theater director, and founder of theater company Bird Park. Nishio was born in Tokyo in 1985 and spent her childhood in Malaysia. After establishing Bird Park in 2007, she had been writing and directing all their plays, but in 2020, the company welcomed three directors as associate artists. Since then, she has been focusing on playwriting and the operation of the company. Nishio aims to softly cast a light, from a slightly comical perspective, on things that do not fit within “correctness” but certainly exist. Since 2015, she has served as a fellow for the Saison Foundation.

Miyuki Kawamura

Since her solo exhibition at an art center in Brazil in 2001, Kawamura has been exhibiting works around the world. Using various media, including images, sounds, and words, she creates moments in which the view of the world transforms. The format of her works spans widely from an interview show, where she conducts an interview on stage, an artificial life called Sound Ocean co-developed with scientists, and a project, migrating books, in which books travel to local bookstores around the world. Most recently, she exhibited her work in a group exhibition BARBARA, or Ardor (Grice Bench), held in Los Angeles in 2018.

Associated facilities/

Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History

Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History

Since its opening in 1979 in Toyohashi Park, which is filled with greenery, in Yoshida Castle Ruins, the museum has been collecting and exhibiting mainly Japanese paintings by local artists and Western paintings from the modern era and after. Their collection also includes historical materials related to the area, archaeological materials unearthed during excavations in Toyohashi, and folklore materials.
Imabashicho 3-1, Toyohashi (inside Toyohashi Park)

Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT

Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT

An art and cultural center in Toyohashi designed to promote arts and culture, such as drama, dance, and music, and activate exchanges and creative activities among the citizens, utilizing arts and culture in Higashi Mikawa area.
Nishiodawaracho 123, Toyohashi